About Us

ScreenSite is a service of the Telecommunication and Film Department of the University of Alabama. It is available free of charge to anyone interested in the study of film, television, and related media.

ScreenSite was among the first online resources for film/TV studies. It first emerged in 1994 during the Paleolithic era of the Web. In 2003 we mounted a major renovation. After a technical issue took us down in June 2006, we overhauled the site again. Then, in 2011, we couldn’t resist fiddling with its design one more time.

In its current incarnation we decided to stress its function as a link directory, but with the occasional article. If you wish to submit a link, please use our contact form to send it to us. (We are not currently accepting registrations for the site.)

ScreenSite’s administrator is Jeremy Butler. It maintains a partnership with the Society for Cinema and Media Studies.