SERIES, International Journal of TV Serial Narratives

SERIES, International Journal of TV Serial Narratives

A peer-reviewed, open-access, online journal devoted to TV series and TV seriality.

From the Website:

The main focus of the journal is to promote a global discussion forum and an interdisciplinary exchange among scholars exploring the topic of TV serial narratives from different perspectives.

SERIES encourages innovation and research, contributing to a better understanding of the narrative, technological, economic, social and cultural impact of TV serial dramas. To this end, some areas of interest are:

  • Narrative analysis of specific phenomena, with a focus on innovative elements;
  • Studies on the influence and/or connection of serial narratives with forms of socialization and acculturation driven by social technologies;
  • Analysis of TV seriality as capable of advancing aesthetic thought;
  • Study of the relationship between technology and narrative;
  • Studies on the economic and innovative formulas in terms of production chain and marketing strategies;
  • The impact and significance of serial products from a political, ethnological, or educational perspective;
  • Historical approach in terms of media history in order to locate and identify influences on TV seriality;
  • Studies on the evolution and characteristics of the phenomenon in different geographical areas;
  • Analyses and studies focusing on audiences.

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