Living Handbook of Narratology, The

Living Handbook of Narratology, The

An open-source publication discussing narrative theory and based on the Handbook of Narratology.

From the Website:

The living handbook of narratology (LHN) is based on the Handbook of Narratology, first published by Walter de Gruyter in 2009. From May 2009 to April 2013, the LHN was hosted and maintained by Hamburg University Press. This Wiki-based version remains preserved under the date April 30, 2013, and is further accessible at: Since May 1, 2013, the LHN appears in a new design, based on a DRUPAL-CMS installation.

As an open access publication, it makes available all of the 32 articles contained in the original print version—and more: the LHN offers the additional functionality of electronic publishing including full text search facility, one-click-export of reference data and digital humanities tools for text analysis.

The LHN continuously expands its original content base by adding new articles on concepts and theories fundamental to narratology and to the study of narrative in general. It offers registered narratologists the opportunity to comment on existing articles, suggest additions or corrections, and submit new articles to the editors.

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