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ScreenSite collected over 500 links to media-related syllabi. In our move from WordPress to a simple HTML Website in 2019, we have preserved all these data. We may occasionally add to them as ScreenSite moves forward, but we are not actively collecting new listings anymore.

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The list below contains Radio Studies syllabi links. For syllabi in other categories, please follow the links below.

Apologies in advance: The data may have gotten a bit dirty in the transition from WordPress to HTML.

9 Radio Studies Syllabi

Sorted alphabetically.

Audio Production

(last updated: 8 Nov 2018)

Introduction to Radio

Vivian Bossieux-Skinner, UC Santa Barbara (last updated: 11 Oct 2018)

Introduction to Radio/Television

Tony Blair, Angelo State University (last updated: 23 Oct 2018)

Radio in American Culture

Tona Hangen, Worcester State University (last updated: 11 Oct 2018)

Radio in Culture and Society

Michael Keith, Boston College (last updated: 11 Oct 2018)

Radio Production

John Mark Dempsey, Texas A & M University Commerce (last updated: 23 Oct 2018)

Radio, Records and Popular Music

Eric Rothenbuhler, Texas A&M University (last updated: 11 Oct 2018)

Radio: From Hams to Podcasts

Susan Smulyan, Brown University (last updated: 11 Oct 2018)

Sound Histories: Seminar in Media History and Historiography

Michele Hilmes, University of Wisconsin-Madison (last updated: 11 Oct 2018)


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